Town Of Conesus

Town of Conesus Highway Winter Public Notices and Policies

December 15, 2017
Table Of Contents:

Town of Conesus Winter Weather Policy and Public Notices


Shoveling and plowing snow from driveways:  Please, do not endanger vehicle operators by plowing or allowing contract snow removers to plow snow from driveways or walks into or across any roadway.
Not only is this an exceptionally unsafe practice, it is against NYS traffic laws. If an accident were to occur due to snow that has been pushed into the road the offender opens themselves to tickets and fines as well as potential lawsuits.


Mailboxes: We ask that you remember that mailboxes are placed on the State, County or Town road right of way.  Rural delivery mailboxes need to be placed far enough to into the road shoulder to allow room for snow removal. If any one has questions concerning the proper placement as well as the required height of your mailbox you can pick up an instruction guide at any post office. It’s also helpful to use reflectors on the “traffic approach” side of the mailbox.


A common complaint is when resident’s mail was not delivered because of the snow bank in front of their mailbox. As a courtesy our folks try to make sure they get as close as possible. Not only does this result in the
occasional hitting of a mailbox but also causes the edge of the wing to dig up grass and ground around the mailbox and yard.  We do not purposely damage mailboxes, yards or any property. Please remember we are working at keeping over 150 lanes miles of road open and safe for travel with a very limited work force. With over 2,000 mailboxes placed on narrow roads it is inevitable that these incidents occur. If you have a complaint or concern – again – call Steve at the Highway Department.


Town of Conesus, East Lake Road Storage Restrictions:
East Lake Road residents are asked to remember that the Towns Winter Storage Ordinance, Local Law # 7-2004 is in effect from 1 November through March 31. The law prohibits storage and parking within 16’ from the center of East Lake Road. This law is intended to not only protect the public, but also to protect your property from being damaged during snow removal


Town of Conesus Snow Removal Policy: The town cannot afford to staff the Department 24 hours a day, seven days a week, nor does the Department have the equipment that would be needed to keep roads in the township completely free of snow accumulation at all times. Subsequently the town of Conesus does not have a bare roads policy. The Departments policy is to heavily focus on clearing roads as much as possible early weekday mornings (Monday through Friday) before 6:00 AM and maintaining the roads as clear as possible throughout the day and for the evening traffic.
The Department will react as quickly as possible to snow accumulations during all other periods. These occasions are reacted to by calling in employees and getting them on the road just as soon as possible.  It normally takes one hour from the time we call employees in to work for them to actually be on the road.
In the event anyone has any difficulty they are welcome to call Steve at any time – night, day or weekend at 346-5570 at the town highway office or 245-4412 cell phone.