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May 07, 2019: Town Board Meeting

Table Of Contents:

Town Hall 

6210 South Livonia Rd,

Conesus, NY  14435

Public Notice:


Please take notice that the Town of Conesus Town Board will hold its 2019 Regular Meetings on the first and third Tuesday of every month except as noted:

January 17 Organizational Meeting @ 2:00PM

February 5 and 19

March 5 and 19

April 2 and 16

May 7 and 21

June 4 and 18

July 9

August 6

September 3 and 17

October 1 and 15

November 7(Thursday) and 19

December 3 and 26 (Thursday)

All Town Board Meetings will be held at the Town of Conesus Town Hall, 6210 South Livonia Rd., (Route 15) Conesus, NY 14435 unless otherwise posted with Regular Meetings commencing at 7:00pm and bill/voucher review at 6:30PM.

By Order of the Town Board

Annette M. McNinch

Town Clerk Town of Conesus

Dated 01/17/2019


Supervisor Donohue and Town Board members will be reviewing all vouchers for payment between 6:30 and 7:00 P.M. prior to each Board meeting.


Call to Order: Supervisor Donohue


Pledge of Allegiance:  Clerk McNinch


Announcements and Communications:

  1. The next meetings of the Conesus Town Board will be held May 21 and June 4, 2019.Conesus Veterans Memorial Highway (Route 256) signage will be revealed in a ceremony to be held at the Conlon-Mulvaney American Legion Post 1779 on May 16th at 5:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend on the 16th. The actual  signs will be installed on Route 256 at a later date.
  2. The Livingston County Teen Recognition Banquet and Awards Ceremony was held on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 at the Genesee River Hotel and Reception Center.  Five deserving Conesus youths were recognized at this award ceremony:  Molly Blier, Sarah Hoh, Eli Hopkins, Ryan Schirtz, and Danielle Trescott.  Congratulations to Molly, Sarah, Eli, Ryan and Danielle for this important recognition of their achievements.  These awards are given for achievements and personal qualities other than academic and athletic. Thank you to Courtney Milford, Conesus representative for the Livingston County Youth Bureau which hosts this event annually. The Board of Supervisors is thrilled to recognize and applaud our outstanding teens at this favorite event (tied with the Livingston County Seniorama, held in May).  Biographies of our Conesus youth follow:
  • Mollie Bleier is a student at Livonia High School who is a wonderful community member and overall person. Mollie is always looking for ways to help others whether it is through volunteer work or just day to day through her kindness and generosity. She is extremely dependable, self-motivated, and trustworthy; always helping others and going the extra mile. She has a leadership role in National Honor Society, peer volunteer through T.I.E.S., Student Ambassador for United Way Day of Caring, Student Helper at the YMCA before school elementary program, High School Hero through Junior Achievement and much more. Mollie practices self-reflection and always seeks to improve herself and grow as a person. Cindy Fitzsimmons, Counselor, Livonia High School
  • Sarah Hoh is a person you want on your team. She is empathetic, meticulous, tenacious, dependable, and supportive in all that she does. Sarah is a senior at Livonia and as Student Council President her goal was to increase membership and to gain recognition for the work the organization does. Everything from Fanny Pack Fridays, publicized meetings, Breakfast with Santa, winter pep rally with a secret ingredient of sardines for the gingerbread house making contest, secret lockers, and treats for the faculty; Sarah has really put Student Council on the map. She is also a member of the Climate Connections Club and dresses up as "recyclops" to spread the word about how important it is to recycle. The club has put containers around the school with motivational signs on how to recycle correctly. She is the person that fellow students go to when they have an idea or a problem. Sarah is our everyday hero and will have my vote if some day she runs for President! Terry DíImperio, Teacher, Central High School
  • Eli Hopkins has been an active member of the Livingston County 4-H Program for six years and during that time has developed many quality leadership skills. As Teen Council Vice President he was always prepared to run business meetings in the Presidentís absence and planned and led many team bonding activities. He also planned, coordinated, and lead many community service projects. As a teen member of the Livingston County 4-H Advisory Committee he serves as an active voice representing all of the youth enrolled in 4-H. He provides insightful ideas, suggestions, reports, and feedback which helps the committee oversee and guide the overall program. Additionally, Eli has served on the State Teen Action Representative Retreat (STARR) Planning Committee which is a three-day weekend retreat for about 200 New York State 4-H members who attend workshops to help further develop various life skills. The Planning Committee is made up of outstanding 4-H members selected from across the state working in partnership with adults to plan, coordinate, and lead the many workshops. Elis also volunteers at the registration table at the Produced in New York Food Demonstration event. He welcomes families with a smile, checks them in, and politely directs them to where they need to be. Eli sets a very positive tone for all who attend the event. His ability to work well with others, extensive leadership experience, positive attitude, and desire to help others will allow him to be successful in whatever he chooses to do, as well as, be a positive contributor to his community.  Mark Wittmeyer, Cornell Cooperative Extension 4-H Program
  • Ryan Schirtz has a learning disability and was not able to complete the requirements he needed to graduate with a diploma in 2017. Because Ryan attended BOCES, he was able to "walk the stage" with his class with a CDOS credential. But that wasn't enough for Ryan. He wanted to earn his high school diploma, so he returned to school and took the two classes he needed to earn a diploma. While many others would have given up, Ryan did not. He persevered and persisted! He is an excellent role model to others to never give up! Peggy Hooker, Counselor, Livonia Central School
  • Danielle ďDaniĒ Trescott joined the Explorer Post with the Livonia Fire Department just over two years ago. During that time, she has demonstrated tremendous dedication while maintaining high grades at school and involvement with various sports and extracurricular activities. Dani has been elected to the positions of Secretary, and most recently President of the Explorer Post. At drills, she shows an incredible commitment to learning about firefighting, has demonstrated greater confidence, and is proving herself to be a capable leader. Her growth over the past two years has been outstanding! In  addition, Dani also spends a lot of time volunteering at the Conesus Volunteer Fire Department. She has helped out at chicken barbeques, babysitting during fire calls and even shoveled out fire hydrants. Danielle has kept her focus, continues to excel in school, and has near perfect attendance with Explorer and department activities. At the Fire Department's annual banquet held in February, Danielle was recognized as Explorer of the Year for 2018. What an amazing young woman and her dedication to the Explorer Post and Conesus Fire Department are most appreciated.  Matthew Cicero, Livonia Fire Department Explorer Post and Deborah Halpenny and Rachel Green, Conesus Fire Department

3.   The Livingston County Board of Supervisors will hold the annual Seniorama recognition ceremony at York Central School on Saturday, May 11, 2019.  This wonderful event recognizes seniors who give back to their communities in a myriad of ways.  Congratulations to Debbie Green, this yearís honorees for the Town of Conesus, and many thanks to Debbie for her service throughout the years! The biography of Debbie Green will be included in the next agenda.


Approval of Minutes of Town Board Meeting dated April 16, 2019


Reports of Town Officials:

Clerk Report:  Clerk McNinch

  • April Clerk Report

Supervisorís Report: Supervisor Donohue

  •  April Supervisorís Report

Highway Report: Superintendent Martucio

Assessorís Monthly Report for April (in writing) Lisa Bennett, Sole Assessor for Conesus

Planning Board Minutes for April (in writing) Carol Crane, Planning Board Secretary

Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes for April (in writing) Carol Crane, ZBA Secretary


Updates on Key Issues:

Conesus Lake:   Councilman Wester/ Charlie Braun, Conesus Rep. from Conesus Lake Association

Town Hall Maintenance and Improvement:  


Unfinished Business:

         Discussion of the NYPA Streetlight Proposal

         Discussion of practices employed by municipalities to attract volunteers


New Business:

1.  Approval of the following Resolution authorizing Town Highway Department to sell excess equipment Highway Machinery

Whereas, the Town Superintendent of Highways has determined the following equipment be excess to the Department and that said equipment should be disposed of in the appropriate means of sale to the public.

 Therefore, be it resolved that the Town Superintendent of Highways is authorized to sell the equipment listed below at the Municipal Auction to be held at Palmyra, NY on May 14, 2019

  •  1 Each 2012 Ford F250 Pickup Truck VIN: 1FT7X2B66CEC05790
  • 7 Each, obsolete radios no longer used for county call center communications
  •   4 Each, pallets of miscellaneous Brockway and Ford LN truck and old equipment parts that are obsolete


2.  Approval of a Resolution to authorizing Supervisor Donohue to sign a one-year contract extension with Waste Management for services at C.L.E.A.N Recycling Center.  The current contract with Waste Management expires on June 30, 2019.  Waste Management is interested in extending the current contract for an additional year, per our original contract which commenced on July 1, 2017.  This is the last year of the contract extension. 


Comments are welcome at this time.


Ratify Abstract: General and Highway Funds


Motion to Adjourn